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Doitmaxs Frog Popper Artificial Lure

Doitmaxs Frog Popper Artificial Lure

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【1】 There is a transfer steel ball in the body, which can move to the tail when throwing, and the throwing distance. The posture in the air is stable and smooth, not easy to turn around and is good for throwing

【2】 The new coating is adopted, and the vertical fish scale pattern laser on the surface can reflect external light at all angles, and has a good light attracting fish effect.

【3】 There are several small steel balls in the body, which make a sound when dragging, which strongly attracts the fish's attention.

【4】Suitable for different water conditions, the underwater luminous effect is good, no matter the water area is clear or turbid, it is beneficial to the chance of fish.

【5】Using steel hooks, after anti-rust treatment, no rust and anti-corrosion.